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5-star, Google Review
Presentation has done me well and I have beyond exceeded my goals. I was not expecting to walk for a period of 6 months, but am now walking around. The rehab staff pushed me in a positive way and now after 2 1/2 months I can now stand and walk. I am sure that within 3 months, I will be without crutches or any other assisted devices and walking confidently. I want to thank the staff, department heads and leadership for all of their care and assistance. I came in on a stretcher and will be walking out of here!

Lorenzo S.
5-star, Google Review
I have to give Presentation Rehabilitation & Skilled Care Center a lot of props! This is the story of my sister who was in a longterm care facility in CT that wasn’t equipped to care for her and her nearly dying as a result of that. My brother and I quickly found Presentation with the help of a care specialist here in MA. The day we met her at Presentation, I asked the nurse in charge of her care if we were to expect hospice or palliative care due to her poor state of health and what we had been told in CT. The nurse looked at me and said, matter of factly, no, we’re going to get her better. And they have. That day is now over 3 years ago. The bed sore that almost killed her is healed (it will never completely close). Whenever she has an issue, I have someone I can talk to to help her solve the issue. Most recently, the administrator and patient care coordinator helped find a shower chair that my very picky sister actually agreed to use. This is no mean feat as she can be very demanding when she is feeling well. And she is feeling very well 🙂 With that behind us, they have made accommodations for her to have a shower this Friday so that she will feel “presentable” to come to our house for Christmas Eve. We have not been able to have Christmas together with her for the last 7 years. This is one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received. As well as the care is, the physical presentation of Presentation is very nice. The grounds are well maintained, the inside of the facility never smells terrible like most other facilities I’ve visited. Our family is very grateful to have found Presentation and for the remarkable care they have given and are giving out sister.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to help and care for me. I’m 88 and grateful how you handled everything and also for being so kind and patient with me.”

“…A heartfelt thank you to all of the staff members who gave such wonderful care to our uncle during his stay…Thanks to the attentiveness and kindness of the CNAs, the nursing care from the RNs and LPNs, the excellent therapy from PT, OT and ST and the kindness and guidance from social service…and thanks to any others that assisted in his recovery…All of these people allowed him to have a full recovery and be discharged to his home, where he lives independently. And he is happy and healthy once again…Because of the care our uncle was receiving during his stay at Presentation it also put his family and friends at ease, to know he was being well taken care of and would soon be going home…Thank you so much for making this experience here a very happy ending.”

“I know my aunt was not there for a long time…But the time that she was there she was treated with kindness and respect. We want to thank you for all you did to make her comfortable.”

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